Deep sea Fishing is an avenue which de oro farmers has recently ventured into. To some, this is just a sport but to these poor people who engage in this type of venture, this means a living to earn. No less than the thrill of snowboarding and other extreme sports, deep sea fishing engaged by the de oro members create in them adrenaline rush moment after moment.

Whether or not it is a good idea to sail during adverse weather conditions, they are left with no choice. Before they go on deep fishing voyage and kiss their families goodbye, they are not without fear of what awaits them miles away from dry land. To some, sea sickness was a malady at the start but they have to battle it otherwise their family would starve at home.

A snapshot of the De Oro's 2nd fishing boat while being built.

At sea, they battle waves rushing at the direction of their small boat by prayers. Sometimes, the fishing boat could not almost handle the surging waves. Where no land is visible and the mixture of heat and cold penetrating their skin, they don’t go far from the swords shaped by blacksmiths. But this is life for them. This is the life to which other lives are connected and as such much be well taken care of.

At times, they go home without a single dime. Their catch, for most times, cannot even compensate the expenses incurred for food and fuel consumption over the days that they navigate ashore. But as clichéd as it may sound, we need to traverse to a trial-and-error fashion or forever err in our endeavors.

Taken when I effortlessly climbed on the fishing boat's tower.

To those whose lives are not as wretched as our de oro brothers, money is easily spent and wasted. This is an irony of life which we have fully understood. We need to get wet all night for the affluent to enjoy the dish that they desire in their next meal. If you think the family gets same meat as the catch of their immediate kin, then you are thinking the wrong way. What they eat isn’t the catch but the cheapest canned products the store has offered for them on credit.

Now you know our story. You know how both the sun and the cold keep on beating us day and night just to bring the seafood recipe of your liking. We do not ask you to take pity over us. As much as you do your tasks with deep sense of pride, we also feel the same way with ours. We may, for a lifetime, continue with the strenuous task of bringing food to your table but in our hearts grow a promise – a personal promise of saving our children from taking the same course.