2011 General Assembly


Socorro, Surigao del Norte

SEC Reg.No.180266

Minutes of the 20th Annual General Assembly held on January 15, 2011 at the Field Office/Bunk House at Katoto, Nueva Estrella, Socorro, Surigao del Norte


The general annual assembly was called to order by the Presiding Chairman/President at 9:00 A.M.


The invocation was led by Nieva B. Dizon.


2001 Annual General Assembly of De Oro Farmers Association, Incorporated.

The attendance sheet was distributed for the members to sign or affix their signatures by group or district/chapter and after which it appeared that there were 907 members present and 50 member who are absent, therefore, the presiding officer declared the assembly in quorum.


The secretary read the notice of the assembly.

The chairman requested the secretary to read the minutes of the previous annual assembly. The secretary read and after reading, the chairman asked the body for any remarks and corrections, and there being none, BOD Elvie P. Balbarino moved for its adoption and duly seconded by the two BOD Walter M. Bohol and Arlito C. Elandag thereby minutes of the 2010 general assembly was duly approved and adopted.


A. Report of the Chairman:

1. The Chairman reported that the association had endeavored harder and has expanded the organization’s field crop plantation such as cassava, camote, gabi, rice and corn bigger enough compared to that of previous years in answer to the body needs and higher cost of living today.

2. He further reported that in order to have additional capital for fishing, the association has submitted project proposal on deep sea fishing to the Department of Labor and Employment in coordination with the MASICAP MSME Development Foundation, Inc. – Medium and Small Scale Industries Coordinated Action Program II, Surigao del Norte Field Team.

Hopefully if this will be materialized, the De Oro Farmers Association, Inc. will be able to avail a grant amount of P 830,500.00 for acquisition of engine for fishing vessel and some other paraphernalia, construction of pump boats and the rest as additional working capital.

3. He reported further that the association had submitted resolutions requesting the Local government to extend financial assistance to this association for the purchase of farm implements such as fertilizer, insecticides, sprayers and others.

B. Report of the Treasurer

The treasurer distributed copies of his financial report to the members. The report was clear and concise. He explained and illustrated all the cash received and its corresponding expenditures. Questions and clarifications were raised and were satisfactorily answered.


A. 2011 Action plan and Budget

The president/chairman emphasized that there is a dire need for the association to construct a new permanent office building because at present its office is temporary in nature, which is situated at its bunk house at Katoto, Nueva Estrella, Socorro, Surigao del Norte.

The president asks the opinion of the body and opens the table for any motion regarding the construction of the new office building.

BOD Benedicto R. Plaza moved that the association should/will construct a new building to be used as office of this association, and duly seconded by BOD Edilberto Digal. The chairman asks for remarks and since there was none, motion was approved.

The body agreed that the construction of the said office will be done on January/February at the expense of the association thru money contribution for the purchase of materials and the labor will be done by its members.

B. Officers/Board of Directors

Election of Officers

The President expressed thanks to the members for their full cooperation and support to the organization’s projects in the last year. The body resoundingly expressed their thanks and gratitude to the outstanding performance of the officers and the BOD. It was emphasized by the presiding officer that the organization needs to hold an election pursuant to the mandate of De Oro’s Constitution and By Laws.

The president declared the table as open for the nomination of the new President. Bienvenido E. Balbarino nominated Fernando E. Piao. The president asked for any nomination and since the floor hears none, Arlinda D. Balbarino moved to close the nomination and since no objection was interposed, Fernando E. Piao remained as De Oro’s president.

The president again declared the table open for the nomination to the position of vice president. Nixon D. Balbarino nominated Mario E. Mascardo, Sr. as vice president, then Antonio G. Pajoyo Jr. moved to close the nomination and seconded by Nanita M. Bohol. Since no objection was made, Mario E. Mascardo, Sr. was proclaimed as the vice president.

The following persons have been nominated, voted upon and proclaimed during the election proceedings:

Glenn Mark C. Dizon – Secretary; Dante P. Dizon – Treasurer; Jeanneth B. Coniato and Gretchen P. Saron – Bookeepers; Remar Elandag and Marietta Culata – Auditors; Arlito C. Elandag, Mahris G. Balbarino, Elbie P. Balbarino, Ronald E. Sutana; Jundy Jualo, Walter M. Bohol, Gegie M. Ramirez, Elgenia B. Bisaya and Angelito Jualo, Jr. – Board of Directors. The officers then took the oath of their office.

C. Other Matters

Water System

The president informed the group that the construction of the new water tank was already accomplished, and the installations of pipes are now functional and solves the water needs of the association.

There being no more matters to be treated, BOD Nixon Balbarino moved to adjourn the meeting and seconded by BOD Edelberto Llano, since there was no objection so the Annual General assembly had adjourned at 11:00 in the morning.

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